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Schedule your initial 90-minute 1-on-1 'Systems for Success' Session to explore 6-9-12 month mentorship options that will equip your organization with 'turn-key' systems to upgrade your operating systems and cultivate your dream team!

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I am Passionate About Empowering Your Dream Team!  

In a world of changing culture, it is important for businesses to shift with the times and stay current with the trends. To accomplish your goals, you must first know your vision. Then to reach and maintain your goals, you have to have a strategic plan in place that allows for constant expansion. Raising your bar of excellence is necessary to create the capacity for the growth you desire. That is why it is imperative to build a dream team that supports the dream. To accomplish this, you need a system that will get everyone on the same bus and moving in the same direction, so that your organization can operate at peak performance, which will ensure the success your 5-year plan.  


This is why I have created an 8-Step transformational business process that will help your company grow, while increasing your revenue, ROI, and rewards in all areas of your business and life.

The evolution of this program was developed through my personal process of being a business owner for over 25-years, having built four successful businesses from the ground floor up, and having taken twelve years of extensive training in business management and marketing.   

Are you ready to upgrade your operating systems and build your dream team?

You are just one session away from elevating your business and expanding your potential!

(For a Limited Time - Save $50!)
Elevate Your Vision
Expand Your Potential
Develop Dream a Team
Here is how your 'ReBoot Your Biz Systems
Program will help you upgrade your operating systems...
Upgrade Your Vision
  • Up-Level the vision of the CEO, members and team. 

  • Create your dream team.

  • Clarify your personal goals, personal dreams and know: what is your why?

  • Exercise effective leadership skills from the top down - appoint who is in charge of the plan and put it into place creating a chain of command. 

Upgrade Your Plan
  • Create a 5-year plan: Paint It - Own It - Share It - Work It - Live It

  • Set goals, then design a formula with step-by-step actions starting at your desired results and working backwards. 

  • Develop strategic plans of action to include physical plant, services/programs, equipment, systems, marketing and additional staffing needed to support the plan.

  • Include statistics for both current and future projections.

  • Develop an innovated strategy and streamline funnel that includes both current systems and set tarted implementation time-lines of new systems to ensure that you meet your 5 year projections

  • Identify benchmarks, expand and track your statistics to up-level your revenue and track your progress 

Upgrade Your Mission Statement
  • Identify goals and objectives

  • Who are we?

  • What do we do?

  • Who do we help?

  • How do we help them?

  • What is the problem?

  • What is our solution?

  • What sets us apart from our competitors?

  • What impact do we make on the community?

Upgrade Your Work Culture
  • Create a workplace culture that is conducive to building your dream team

  • Revamp your leaders and build your dream team.

  • Sell your 5 year plan to your team – teamwork makes the dream work – the plan becomes the BOSS

  • Get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction.

  • Define Departments – Compartmentalization – Prioritize

  • Clarify roles and personal responsibilities

  • Determine immediate needs and prioritize based on ROI – including time and resources.

  • Bring more passion, purpose, productivity into the workplace.

  • Develop effective communication skills.

  • Apply conflict management skills with confidence and empowerment.

  • Exercise emotional intelligence.

  • Learn what motivates your team.

  • Implement a rewards system that motivates your team, which ensures all systems are functioning at optimal levels.

Upgrade Your Work Space
  • Increase your existing capacity to operate more efficiently and productively

  • Identify current problems and immediately implement solutions.

  • Outline current system – define what no longer works and revamp what does.

  • Plug the current leaks – re-allocate roles and responsibilities accordingly.

Upgrade Your Systems
  • Introduce your 5 year plan – the plan becomes the BOSS – the details. become the rudder – the system becomes the wheel.

  • Implement new ‘Turnkey’ systems that work.

  • Allocate new roles and responsibilities.

  • Develop and implement strategies that work.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work – get everyone participating and operating on the same page – using the new systems, procedures and protocols.

  • Integration of new procedures and protocols with your current operations.

Upgrade Your Marketing
  • Design an internal, external, and online marketing plan with an automation calendar that helps you stay consistent.

  • Philanthropic marketing

  • Theme marketing

  •  Incorporate marketing strategies designed to automate your organizations marketing program, create balance your marketing efforts, and integrate a mixture of major, medium and minor activates, while staying consistent by setting up a yearly, quarterly and monthly marketing calendar. 

Upgrade Your Performance
  • Implement a rewards system for your company, CEO, and dream team.

  • Attain achievable goals and statistics.

  • Monitor increased revenue, rewards and ROI.

  • Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

  • Implement a rewards system for your company, CEO, and dream team.

  • Ongoing support, track your progress – what is working and what needs.

Are you ready to upgrade your operating systems and build your dream team?

You are just one session away from elevating your business and expanding your potential!

systems for success session

90-minutes | $549

This 90-minute one-on-one virtual 'Systems for Success' Session is designed to evaluate your current position and future goals in order to establish a game plan for your success, also to determine the best way I can support you. Prior to the session, you will receive a branding inventory assessment that will help me identify your starting point. I will then create a strategic step-by-step plan that will give you direction on how to proceed with your intentions. During this session, we will review the plan and I will provide you with tips, tools, and resources that you can use to implement your plan of action, as well as recommendations of how I can best support your future needs. We will also discuss details about this 'ReBoot Your Biz' Blueprint Program and should you choose to commit to this program your investment for this 'Systems for Success Session will be applied towards the program. Afterwards, you will receive a recording with a summarized outline of your action steps!

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Learn more about the 5 ways to get plugged into this trans-formative business process...
  • 90-minute Initial Intensive - 'Systems for Success Session (discover how your organization can maximize it's performance with this program -- Learn More.

  • Peak Performance Package (three, 2-hour 1-on-1 business strategy sessions) -- Learn More.

  • 2-hour Group Coaching Sessions (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly options available) -- Learn More.

  • On-Site Training (one-day workshops/2-day intensives/ 3-day training) -- Learn More.

  • 6-9-12 Month 'ReBoot Your Biz' Mentorship Programs -- (set up a 90-minute initial discovery session to explore your options) Learn More. 

Schedule your 'Systems for Success' Session to review how this 6-9-12 month mentorship program can benefit you...

This program is designed to help your team learn to effectively apply new systems, tools and processes for quicker success in achieving your organizations goals.

Creating the dream team by assist the CEO and management with business consulting, coaching and mentoring the leaders to effectively applying new systems, tools, and resources, creating integration within the entire organization.


The course of action and level of support you need to bring your vision into form, depends on your individualized plan. We will start with designing your 5-year, creating a vision. Followed by performing an examination of your current stats and statics to generate benchmarks.


From there a customized blueprint will be created to meet your level of objectives, formulate strategic strategies to implement, and determine the level of support you will need to ensure the success of your plan.

Here is how to get started and what  Your 'Systems for Success' Session includes...
  • Your ability to Say "YES" to YOU and setting this appointment makes a power statement that will elevate your vision, expand your potential and enhance the performance of your organization!

  • Upon scheduling your initial 90-minute 'Systems for Success' Session, you will receive details to access my private video chat room - you will also be given multiple options to connect - including international phone numbers to call in via phone. 

  • You will receive an assess your systems form with details on how to return it back to me, once you have completed it.

  • Once I receive your assessment, I will evaluate where you currently are and gain insight about you and your intentions you want to gain from this program.

  • I will use this information to create a laser light heart-focused starting point and then put together a plan of action with tips, tools, strategies - we will use this blueprint to accelerate your transformation throughout this program.

  • We will connect during your scheduled time for our initial 'Systems for Success' Session, where we will review our plan of action, and immediately get started shifting the energy of your organization and create a plan that will elevate your vision, and develop the dream team to support your goals. 

  • We will develop a strategy for your organization and determine which on-site training best suits the needs of your organization. 

  • During each workshop, intensive, or training, I will provide motivation, and coaching strategies for tips, tools and resources, so that you can take immediate action steps towards your accomplishing your goals.

  • Assist to identify your missing links, and provide strategies to plug your leaks.

  • Introduce systems and strategies that work. 

  • Cultivate a team approach to organizational skills that develop the dream team.

  • Your team will gain clarity and direction, solutions, and systems that will expand your capacity and elevate your organizations performance. 

  • It will be an honor to watch you elevate your business performance and expand your dream teams productivity! 

Are you ready to upgrade your operating systems and build your dream team?

You are just one session away from elevating your business and expanding your potential!

(For a Limited Time - Save $50!)