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Whether you are ready for a breakthrough or going to the next level, get plugged into one of my programs that will help you unlock your greatest potential and manifest your destiny in life, love, livelihood and business.

personal empowerment programs

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ReBoot Your Soul

Schedule your initial 90-minute 1-on-1 'ReBoot Your Soul' Session to get started in this 12-week program that will help you break free from the bondage that is holding you back!  


Accelerate Your 


Schedule your initial 90-minute 1-on-1 'Accelerate Your Ascension' Session to get started in this 12-week program that will help you elevate your vibration and take your life to the next level!  


Unlock Your Soul Purpose

Schedule your initial 90-minute 1-on-1 'Unlock Your Soul Purpose' Session to get started in this 12-week program that will help you unlock your hidden power and live your ultimate truth!  


“Dr. Harmony is an amazing teacher and healer!!  With her energy work, chakra aligning, and spiritual guidance, she was able to help me find peace and clarity during a difficult transition in my life. She helped me understand why I was having anxiety about certain things and people in my life and she gave me the tools to find personal peace. I gained the confidence to de-clutter my life and allow better flow of my energy. I highly recommend Dr. Harmony to help you live your best life and become your most authentic self. She has a true gift!!”            -Tori S.   (Lansing, Michigan) 

professional empowerment



6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint

Schedule your initial 90-minute 1-on-1 'Systems for Success' Session to explore how this 6-month program will equip you with 'turn-key' systems that will help you shift from playing with your passion to making meaningful money as a professional lightworker practitioner!  


Market Your 


This program is designed to expand your visibility and GLOW Global – if you are ready to take your current brand or message to the next level, I will help you create a fail-proof automated marketing strategy, so that you can share your message with the world.  


Get Published NOW!

Do you have desire to share your story with the world! From start-to-finish I will be your guiding light helping you unlock your inner voice, package your message, and bring your soul’s mission into form. I offer a variety packages that will ignite your passion and fulfill your ultimate purpose to Get Published NOW! 

Empowered lightworker

Business empowerment programs


ReBoot Your Biz Systems Mentorship

Designed to help your team learn to effectively apply new systems, tools and processes for quicker success in achieving your organizations goals.

Create the dream team by assisting the CEO and management with business consulting, coaching and mentoring the leaders to effectively applying new systems, tools, and resources, creating integration within the entire organization.



Peak Performance Package

Are you in need of something more comprehensive? Or do you need assistance as you navigate through big changes, or projects? This Performance Package includes a set of three, 2-hour virtual sessions that will allow us to dive deeper into your specific areas of need. 


Group Coaching Services

Group Virtual Business Consulting Session designed according to your organizations custom needs. Up to 10 organization team members. If your needs are larger contact Dr. Harmony for pricing and details.   


On-Site Training

If you are ready to ‘ReBoot Your Biz’, I offer One-Day Workshops, 2-Day Intensives, and 3-Day Training's that are designed to upgrade your team and your systems by helping to identify problems and creating solutions, implementation of new systems, resources and tools, while achieving accelerated success in organizations goals.