It is Time to Take Your Life to the Next Level!


your ascension

Schedule your initial 90-minute 1-on-1 'Accelerate Your Ascension' Session to get started in this 12-week program that will help you elevate your vibration and take your life to the next level!

Elevate Your Vibration
Expand Your Heart
Enrich Your Life
Here is what your program includes:
  • Initial 90-minute 'Accelerate Your Ascension'  Session

  • 11 – 60 minute Weekly Follow-up Sessions

  • Live Video Chatroom with Recorded Sessions

  • Intuitive Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Empowering Leadership 

  • Energy Healing Techniques to Identify and Remove Energetic Blocks

  • Weekly Action Steps Designed to Help You Elevate Your Vibration and Take Your Life to the Next Level!

  • You will be provided with two investment options: Either - 1 EZ PrePay or 3 Payments  


Let's Explore! Ready to jump into higher dimensions? We will remove energetic interference to elevate your vibration helping you unlock your higher wisdom, make a conscious connection to your body, mind, heart and soul. 

In just 12-Weekly Sessions, I will help you upgrade your vision, elevate your mindset, ignite your passion, reprogram your body's DNA, and align with your heart allowing you to expand into higher dimensions and live an enriched life! 

Are you ready to jump into higher dimensions?

You are just one session away from taking your life to the next level!

Upgrade Your Vision
Upgrade Your Mindset
Upgrade Your Body
Here is what your 'Accelerate Your Ascension' 
Program includes...
  • Your ability to Say "YES" to YOU and setting this appointment makes a power statement that will activate your inner light, so just by 'showing-up' will make you feel lighter! 

  • Upon scheduling your initial 90-minute 'Accelerate Your Ascension' discovery session, you will receive details to access my private video chat room - you will also be given multiple options to connect - including international phone numbers to call in via phone. 

  • You will receive an initial assessment form with details on how to return it back to me, once you have completed it.

  • Once I receive your assessment, I will evaluate where you currently are and gain insight about you and your intentions you want to gain from this program.

  • I will use this information to create a laser light heart-focused starting point and then put together a plan of action with tips, tools, strategies - we will use this blueprint to accelerate your transformation throughout this program.

  • We will connect during your scheduled time for our initial 'Accelerate Your Accension' discovery session, where we will review our plan of action, and immediately get started shifting your energy to elevate your vibration. 

  • During each session I will provide you with intuitive guidance, spiritual wisdom, and coaching strategies for tips, tools and resources, so that you can take immediate action steps towards your accomplishing your intentions. 

  • After your initial session, you will receive a link to access your recordings, any additional resources and directions on how to schedule your 11 follow-up sessions

  • You will gain clarity and direction, as you shift from where you are to where you want to be.

  • It will be an honor to watch you expand, as you take your life to the next level. 


"I was Divinely guided to connect with Dr. Harmony and recently started her ‘ReBoot Your Soul Blueprint.’ My awakening and awareness of my soul's journey and purpose is just beginning. Dr. Harmony is an amazing guide and teacher of this process which includes prayer and meditation to clear and expand my energies. Truly an amazing experience."   

                                                                        - Kelly G.  (Scottsdale, Arizona)  

Are you ready to jump into higher dimensions?

You are just one session away from taking your life to the next level!

Enlightened Reviews

Certification Programs Offered:
  • ReBoot Your Soul® Coaching Certification

  • ReBoot Your Soul Systems® Certification 

  • Harmonic-Energy Freedom Healing Technique®

Mentorship Programs Offered:
  • Market Your Mission® Mentorship 

  • 6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint® Mentorship 

  • ReBoot Your Biz Success Systems® Mentorship