Take Your Spirituality Based Business from Novice to Leading Expert in just 6 months!


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Schedule your initial 90-minute 1-on-1 'Systems for Success' Session to explore how this 6-month program will equip you with 'turn-key' systems that will help you shift from playing with your passion to making meaningful money as a professional lightworker practitioner!

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Discover - Design and Deliver Your Inner Voice to the World!
Here is what your program includes:
  • Start by Scheduling an Initial 90-minute 'Systems for Success' Session - to learn more about this 6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint Program (booking details below)

  • Next we will set up a 4-hour Soul Mapping Session 

  • Followed by 20-Weekly 60-minute Sessions

  • Develop the Mindset of a 6-Figure Lightworker

  • Own Your Worth - Let go of limiting beliefs that you can't get paid for using your spiritual gifts

  • Receive Coaching Skills and Certification 

  • Discover, Design, Deliver Your Signature Message to the World

  • 'Turn-Key' Systems to Process a Client from Start-to-Finish - including creating your own program 

  • Live Video Chatroom with Recorded Sessions

  • Intuitive Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Empowering Leadership

  • Weekly Action Steps Designed to Help You Take Your Spiritually Based Business from Novice to Leading Expert

  • Investment Options will be Reviewed in Your Initial 'Systems for Success' Session

Schedule your initial 90-minute 1-on-1 'Systems for Success' Session to explore endless possibilities that will equip you with 'turn-key' systems, so that you can own your worth and share your shine!
(For a Limited Time - Save $50!)

Let's Play!  This is a six month program designed for lightworkers wanting to stop hiding their light and step into purpose using a ‘Turn Key’ fail-proof systems that work. Whether you have a clear direction, or you are unsure where to start, this program will take your purpose to the next level. Together we will unlock your soul’s calling to its greatest capacity, helping you discover your direction, design your unique voice, and deliver your signature message to the world. 

In just 6-months, from start-to-finish I will help you step into your livelihood with systems proven to work. You will develop the mindset, skills and training of a 6-figure lightworker. It is time to Own Your Worth and let go of limiting beliefs that you can't get paid for your spiritual beliefs! In addition, you will receive a coaching certification. Together we will strategize, create action steps to BRAND YOUR STORY, MONETIZE YOUR MESSAGE & PACKAGE YOUR PURPOSE. We will set-up targeted timelines and completion dates that will bring your mission into form. Throughout the process, I will be your guiding light helping ignite your passion, fulfill your ultimate calling, and bring your dream into reality! 

Are you ready to stop playing with your passion and start making meaningful money?

You are just one session away from becoming an enlightened leader!

(For a Limited Time - Save $50!)
Brand Your Story
Monetize Your Message
Package Your Purpose
Here is what your '6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint
Program includes...
Brand Your Story

Your brand is your most valuable asset, personalizing it to your story will determine your success by taking your message and turning it into a vision that is designed to match your targeted audience. Your brand will enable you to stand out among your competitors and make a power statement. It is my intention to help you build a unique brand that creates a visual identity that aligns with your intention, mission and tribe, while strategically setting you apart from your competitors.

  • Discover, design, and deliver your signature message

  • Target your ideal tribe

  • Select a name that conveys what you do, who you help, and describes how you help them 

  • Create a customized logo – or re-purpose an existing logo   

  • Color scheme, typeface, graphics, and images to create a clear visual message

  • Build recognition and visual awareness

Monetize Your Message

The purpose of a branding strategy is to develop a crystal-clear message that can be understood by every audience; to design a common theme throughout the brand; deliver a unique stream-lined message and theme that is geared towards your tribe; while delivering your message in a concise way.

  • Create a vision and mission statement

  • Create a personality for your message that has a consistent voice

  • Design and develop a program for implementation with your coaching practice - this program will be developed by creating a bridge to assist your clients, as they experience transformational success through the process of this program. You will incorporate this program in the 'Turn-Key' systems that you will learn during this '6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint'  

  • Copy writing of a professionally written and edited bio

Package Your Story

Now is the fun part – putting it all together while bringing your brand and message to life! Putting it all together sounds easy enough, but it requires knowledge and then execution of technical skills for things such as; leads capture, sales funnels, and automated messages – not to mention web development, programming and integration, while ensuring that all the components are operating and functioning in a streamlined system.


A website is your storefront and one of the most important tools for your success, so this may require starting with a clean slate. I will help you package your purpose in such a way that allows your ideal client to clearly understand the problem, the solution, and the process by which you will help them.


The beauty of a fresh start is that it lets you take the passenger seat, as you are guided through the process of extracting your own wisdom and releasing attachment to concepts and ideas that are distracting. In addition, you allow an expert to handle the back-end operations that you may not have time for or skills that are most likely blocking you from bringing your unique message into form.   

  • Create a vision and mission statement

  • Design and create a free offer

  • Design and create a trip wire – product for purchase

  • Email automation in mail chimp – set up – includes 5 custom emails

  • 1 Leads – Offer page – for sales funnel

  • 1 Upsell – Product offer page – for tripwire – sales funnel

  • Design and create professionally edited content

  • 10 Page Website – Customized with Your Brand includes: 

    • ​Design and Development of Website​
    • Website Content Assistance– copy edited – written for you and/or re-purpose existing content – professionally edited. (Please note – this does not include content for your freebie, up-sale programs, products, or client programs – while you will receive assistance with those items, you will be guided through the process of writing the content for those items – or you have the option to upgrade and these services can be provided for you.)
    • ​Setup, programming and integration

    • Booking page integration

    • Payment integration 

    • Google analytics integration

    • ​SSL

    • ​​SEO – Descriptions & Keywords

    • Disclaimer & Privacy Policy templates (GDPR regulations) – ($500-$2500 value)

    • Welcome video edited and branded – key point template provided

    • Logo video intro

    • Assistance with leads capture design ideas and creation strategies – free offer

    • Email integration

    • Dashboard training

Social Media Branding Package
  • Social Media Brand Name

  • Description 

  • Short Bio

  • Headers Designed with Brand for:

    • Facebook​

    • Twitter

    • YouTube

    • Linkedin

    • Soundcload

    • Email

Empowered lightworker

Are you ready to stop playing with your passion and start making meaningful money?

You are just one session away from becoming an enlightened leader!

systems for success session

90-minutes | $349

This 90-minute one-on-one virtual 'Systems for Success' Session is designed to evaluate your current position and future goals in order to establish a game plan for your success, also to determine the best way I can support you. Prior to the session, you will receive a branding inventory assessment that will help me identify your starting point. I will then create a strategic step-by-step plan that will give you direction on how to proceed with your intentions. During this session, we will review the plan and I will provide you with tips, tools, and resources that you can use to implement your plan of action, as well as recommendations of how I can best support your future needs. We will also discuss details about this 6-Figure Light Worker Blueprint Program and should you choose to commit to this program your investment for this 'Systems for Success Session will be applied towards the program. Afterwards, you will receive a recording with a summarized outline of your action steps!

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Here is how to get started and what  Your 'Systems for Success' Session includes...
  • Your ability to Say "YES" to YOU and setting this appointment makes a power statement that will activate your inner light, so just by 'showing-up' will make you feel lighter! 

  • Upon scheduling your initial 90-minute 'Systems for Success' Session, you will receive details to access my private video chat room - you will also be given multiple options to connect - including international phone numbers to call in via phone. 

  • You will receive an branding inventory and assessment form with details on how to return it back to me, once you have completed it.

  • Once I receive your assessment, I will evaluate where you currently are and gain insight about you and your intentions you want to gain from this program.

  • I will use this information to create a laser light heart-focused starting point and then put together a plan of action with tips, tools, strategies - we will use this blueprint to accelerate your transformation throughout this program.

  • We will connect during your scheduled time for our initial 'Systems for Success' Session, where we will review our plan of action, and immediately get started shifting your energy to elevate your vibration. 

  • During each session I will provide you with intuitive guidance, spiritual wisdom, and coaching strategies for tips, tools and resources, so that you can take immediate action steps towards your accomplishing your intentions. 

  • After your initial session, you will receive a link to access your recordings, any additional resources. 

  • You will gain clarity and direction, as you shift from where you are to where you want to be.

  • It will be an honor to watch you shift novice to a professional expert making meaningful money. 

Are you ready to stop playing with your passion and start making meaningful money?

You are just one session away from becoming an enlightened leader!

(For a Limited Time - Save $50!)