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I help YOU Unlock Your Greatest Potential to

Manifest Your Destiny in Life, Love and Livelihood!  



Unlock Your Hidden Power Now...
Discover Your True Self!


Discover Your Personal Lie

Live Your Ultimate Truth

Unlock Your Soul Purpose

Own Your Worth

Book a One-hour 1-on-1 session to unlock your hidden power that will awaken your spirit, activate your light, and create clarity, so that you can gain insightful wisdom and take intentional actions helping you take back your  power and align with your greatest potential to manifest your destiny in life, love, and livelihood! 






Identify Barriers

Remove Energetic Blocks

Balance Your Chakras

Raise Your Frequency 

Book a One-hour 1-on-1 remote energy healing session to release energetic blocks that are preventing you from being in vibrational alignment with your highest frequency. In as little as one session, we can remove interference that is preventing you from focusing forward in all areas of your life! 






ReBoot Your Soul

Accelerate Your Ascension

6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint

ReBoot Your Biz Mentorship

Whether you are ready for a breakthrough in life, love, livelihood, or would like take your business to the next level, Dr. Harmony offers 3, 6, 9, and 12 month certification and mentorship programs, for both personal and professional transformation that will empower you to excel to the next level in life, love, livelihood and business.




Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony is the creator of ReBoot Your Soul Systems® and Harmonic-Energy Freedom Healing Technique®, which has transformed the lives of many enlightened leaders on a fast track to Ascension. As a highly sought after transformational coach, intuitive energy healer, international speaker and trainer, she certifies ReBoot Your Soul ® coaches in this life-changing system that helps others align with their ultimate calling in her Manifest Your Mission®, and 6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint® mentorship programs.

In addition, she is a leading business expert offering business consulting and training for her ReBoot Your Biz Success Systems® mentorship program. 

Free Your Soul
Elevate Your Vibration
Manifest Your Destiny

are you ready to accelerate your ascension?

initial discovery session

90-minutes | $549

This 90-minute one-on-one virtual discovery session is designed to evaluate your immediate needs in order to develop a game plan for your success and determine the best way I can support you. Prior to the session, you will receive a soul inventory assessment that will help me identify your starting point. I will then create a strategic step-by-step plan that will give you direction on how to proceed with your intentions. During this session, we will review the plan and I will provide you with additional tips, tools, and resources, as well as recommendations of how I can best support your future needs. Afterwards, you will receive a recording with a summarized outline of your action steps!

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